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  1. Good morning!! I was reading your tips and I think I will go with staining my deck, instead of painting over it. Recently bought a house with an outdoor deck. It has been painted over, with what seems , cheap paint. We’ve been here a year, and it began coming off about 4 months ago. Any suggestions? Thank you

    • Hi. Link at bottom has it all: Depending on the size and how much time and energy you have, go electric, like Bob Dylan. Only like Dylan you will get booed by your neighbors, not the folkie nuts. But seriously, first get a good pressure washer and you will take off 95% of the old paint with that I would guess. It does for us. Warning: chips fly for dozens of yards so lots and lots of drop cloths to keep it out of your grass etc. Then, pick up an angle grinder and the paint removal disc. It’s not as loud as a circular saw. You may need adapter nuts kit, depending on what you buy/have. Don’t get high speed as it melts paint and gums up your discs. Also, a scraper and good metal file. I just recorded a video showing how to sharpen: do that every 5 minutes or so of scraping to save your arms. In the link below, look under “Peeling deck”. Then, when removed all you can, wash again, let dry, then the easy fun part is staining. This post has all the above mentioned. Send before and after pics if you think your experience will be helpful to others: it helps to have a team behind you. I’m in. Good luck!


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