How Many Coats of Paint in Every Situation

Good news: if you are not changing colors you’ll be fine with one coat of quality paint (look up your situation below). If you try to save money on watery paint, this rule will not apply. (The watery stuff will not get you where you want to be in two coats!) Quality applicators and paint are less expensive and less frustrating than you think and are easy to clean. Here we go.

Best Floor Paint: Only 1 Coat!

woman sitting on a floor that needs painting

You are in luck. Applying floor paint is the easiest thing we painters do when you use the best floor paint because you will only need one coat when using high-quality floor paint. Don’t thank me, thank gravity.

Best Interior Paint and One Awesome Timesaving Tip

room painted with best interior paint

The best interior will make your work A LOT easier, because the color holds longer, applies more evenly, each coat is much thicker, and it cleans up easier. We will show you a secret painting tip to go very fast. Let’s see first which paint is the best.  Don’t believe commercials.

Paint and Primer in One: The Best and When to Use It

rolling paint primer on wood

Be very careful and consider the results you will get if you use a paint and primer in one step.  I have seen a lot of ads pushing this idea of one-coat painting, but that just plays to people’s idea that painting is a drag and one coat would be quick and easy. It is not messy and it is not hard to clean up.