Painting Tips by a Professional

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Everything Deck

As a painter for over 35 years, I've done tons of decks: literally.This page contains everything on deck treatments you need to jump in. I'm with you.

Articles on Deck

Deck Stains

Here are the main top-quality deck stains that we recommend. Our view is that using high-quality products cuts the labor involved and saves time and money in the end. You can read more details about these stains in our article


Deck Paints

Durable deck paints for your new or old deck from trusted makers. You can read the post about these deck paints and more.


Deck Restore

Read the post all about deck restoration in detail and what are the best deck products. You can really have big problems if you use the wrong deck restore product or if you apply them over rot. Below is the only deck restore product we fount that is not involved in multiple lawsuits.


Deck Sprayers

You can go much faster with your deck work with a good paint sprayer. Here are the main recommendations. You can read more about our recommended paint sprayers here. Also, be sure to look into the Deck Prep section: it has masking products you need for a spray job. Also, you’ll need strainers and more shown below in “Deck Tools for Stain/Paint​”


Deck Prep Tools

Here you have everything you need to prep your deck job. How to use them is described in the various articles on deck care. Doing a good prep job with the right deck tools is key for your next step. We described how to use them for painting a deck or for staining a deck.


Deck Tools for Stain/Paint

All the fundemental tools in our bag of tricks: how we use them is described in the various articles on deck care, above. Some are merely time-saving items, but they will also come in handy in other projects…and we only recommend quality, reasonably priced items that last.


Deck Products

Here are the categories for your deck work. Everything here is selected by a pro: reasonably priced, high-quality products. Our goal: cut the labor involved—save time and money.