Best Paint Sprayer for Walls (plus Tips on Tips)

worker using paint sprayer on interior walls
No long reviews here: we cut to the chase. We feel there is only one best paint sprayer for walls in any price range worth your hard-earned money. After extensive research, these are the only quality interior paint sprayer we trust for the money.
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We have used a number of electric paint sprayers (air) and airless paint sprayers and have boiled it down for you the highest quality paint sprayer.

There are really two separate worlds of paint sprayers: airless and air. The low budget model is an electric paint sprayer (just pushes with an air pump), we recommend the Wagner Flexio 590. The airless paint sprayers simply pump liquids. We have broken this down into the best paint sprayer for 3 budgets. The Graco Magnum is a good deal for a medium budget.

We list important tips and the supplies you’ll need at the bottom.

Low Budget: Best Paint Sprayer for Walls

The best paint sprayer maker of low-end sprayers today is Wagner (company website). If you have a low budget, you really don’t want to buy an airless paint sprayer: you will not get your money’s worth for your interior paint spraying.

The only reliable choice that is not an airless paint sprayer :

  • Wagner Flexio 590.
  • Under $200
  • No need to re-prime every time the siphon sucks air
  • Need to refill reservoir frequently
  • Ideal for fences, etc
  • I was asked to add the Rexbeti sprayer by a reader: we have not used it but wow the reviews

Low budget sprayer notes:

If you have only one project like interior paint spraying and you want to spray and then sell the machine (you only need it for a while), you can be sure the Wagner below will get you through.

  • These cannot be used with a power roller extension: you need a separate unit for that—sad, but true. We explain power rollers in a post just for them.
  • If you go low budget, you’ll eliminate a lot of painting hassles and save a lot of time, but you won’t have it for many years to come. For the money, they cannot go that distance.
Wagner FLEXiO 590 Sprayer

Medium Budget: Graco Magnum

High Budget: Professional grade: the Very Best Paint Sprayer

There is nothing like the Graco Pro 210 ES. All the pros rave about this machine on the painter chat rooms. Worth every one of the thousand dollars it costs. It is certainly the best paint sprayer for ceilings and walls.

You can spend a lot more and you will not find a better machine. No, we receive no money from the maker for saying this.

We have stripped away all the many choices in the high-end market based on experience with interior paint spraying and many other painters’ paint sprayer reviews. Surprise: we pros don’t spend thousands. What you see below is a high-quality pump that you will put in your Last Will.

You will get a great price online, but be sure you know where you will take it for service as paint stores tend to only like machines they sold you.

Enjoy. Lucky you.

Graco 17C305 Pro210ES Cart Pro Connect Paint Sprayer

Accessory: tip extension

The “wand” is very helpful. Our choice is the 18-inch wand, but you can have bigger or smaller: size matters! About $40. Worth it for control and speed, excellent for indoor paint spraying. Other extensions at Hyde tool website: we love Hyde tools and wish more stores would carry their items: they last.

Finally, to make this post complete, we recommend a garden sprayer for spraying lighter stains (see one of our many posts on staining). Keep the sprayer tip (and interiors) clean and let the hose dry all winter and it will last and still be useful in the garden!

Just the tips on tips:

We have written some Room Painting Tips.

The Graco website’s paint spraying tip info chart Graco website’s tip info chart is below, but please keep in mind these tips from my experience of 35 years as a professional painter:

  • Every time you stop for even a short break, soak the entire paint gun in a bucket (water for latex, thinner for oils) This keeps the tip from clogging
  • Strain every gallon of paint, even right out of the can (also prevents clogging)
  • Paint pressure near the spraying tip of the interior paint sprayer is enough to inject paint into your skin: be careful
  • Test the tip’s spray fan for density and width (test in the kid’s room!)
  • Always turn down the pressure as low as it can go (saves paint and wear on the tip)
  • Many tips can be reversed. When your tip seems to be clogged or is showing ‘fingers’ in the spray pattern, you simply reverse, spray into a bucket, and it is clean.
  • Suggested spraying distance of 12 inches to start, then you will adapt

Other important tips: paint spraying tips

  • Wear a particle respirator (read all about them) and if spraying indoors, use a chemical filter cartridge as well.
  • Eye protection highly recommended.
  • Mask with paper and plastic even if you think there is no need: paint can have a mind of its own
  • If you are new, learn how to spray paint on some cardboard: mask nearby items
  • Ventilate well inside, and be careful of wind outside (cars nearby will be damaged!)
  • Keep pressure low and you will reduce the overspray, saving paint and money!

Recommended Tip Sizes for Common Coating Materials

Lacquer or Stain .009 – .013
Oil based Paint .013 – .015
Latex Paint .015 – .019
Heavy Latex or Smooth Elastomeric .021 – .025
Elastomeric & Blockfiller .025 – .035+

Supplies needed for spraying:

In addition to the normal painting tools, you’ll need

You will need a few old empty paint buckets and lots of rags—whatever you have around the house.

This painter shows you how to use a paint sprayer: nice job buddy.

If you will probably only use an interior paint sprayer once or twice, I recommend you spend your money on an electric paint sprayer and you will still save lots of time. The airless sprayers are better, but the electric paint sprayer will be enough (then you can sell it on eBay!)

There are many indoor paint sprayer reviews elsewhere, but we find that they are mostly sales articles, we hope this article helps.

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