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The World of Paint Sprayers

As a painter for over 35 years, I've spray LOTS of walls and houses: This page contains everything on paint sprayers you need to jump in. I'm with you. Use the comments to ask me anything.

Articles on Paint Sprayers

Paint Sprayers

Here are the top-quality paint sprayers that I use and recommend. You can read more details about these best paint sprayers in our article

Top DIY Choice

Graco Magnum X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer
Designed for home-owners – reliable with great resale value

Professional Level

Graco Cart Pro Connect Paint Sprayer, 17C305 Pro210ES
Pricey for professional use – top gun…period.

DIY Project


Wagner FLEXiO Sprayer, 590
More of a project sprayer – load one quart at a time.

Project sprayer

Graco TrueCoat 360DS Paint Sprayer

Among all project sprayers this is the top gun. Comes with reversible tip and you can use most Graco tips.


DIY Power Roller

Low Budget


REXBETI Ultimate Paint Sprayer 500-watt
Very good reviews and growing.​

Works with airless

Graco Pressure Roller Kit, 244512
Works with any Graco airless – cuts rolling time in half (or less).

Paint Sprayer Accessories

You really cannot spray with out most of these: how they are used are described in the post best DIY paint sprayers.

Bucket strainer

Paint Strainer fits over a 5-gallon bucket and has slot for sprayer siphon. Reusable, for all paints/stains. We filter even new paint as it all has some lumps.

Bucket for spraying

So many uses: better than trays for rolling; need 3-4 for spraying.

Single use strainers

Cone Paint Strainer Filter Screens, 50 Pack
Essential for spraying and fine trim work; not really re-usable.

Life Saver


3M Respirator – Half Facepiece; choose size on page
Mask without filters – Need filter kit below or buy filters separately.

Basic starter kit for all 3M

Paint Respirator Supply Kit
Use with 3M masks – contains chemical and outer filters plus clip.

Top Choice

3M Mold Remediation Respirator Kit
Not just for mold: we wear these to spray as well. Protects eyes and lungs—chemical cartridges sold separately. Comes with HEPA filters: what I use for latex spraying.

Ok for most latex


3M P100 Filter

Best for mold and allergies: Fine for latex spraying, but not for more toxic gasses.

Very important


3M Hand-Masker Pre-assembled Masking Film Kit, M3000
Very helpful with spray or any masking; protect larger areas from stain/paint.

Plastic for hand masker


3M Hand-Masker Masking Film, 72-Inch
For use with 3M hand masker; for protecting large-size surfaces (windows, etc).

With hand masker


Trimaco Masking Paper 24-inch x 1000-feet; better than 3M
For use with 3M hand masker; for protecting medium-size surfaces.

Excellent tape


6 Rolls Multi Use Painters Green Masking Tape
Use alone or to refill 3M hand masker. This will not pull paint off the wall even after days, unlike tan ‘old-fashioned’ tape.

Basic drop/tarp

Canvas 9 x 12 Cotton Drop Cloth
We use various sizes – these can be cut for 2 ‘runners’ for walls.

Cardboard shield holder

Kraft Cardboard Shield Holder

Far better than our old metal shields. This is not as essential as the hand masker and drop cloth, but it is really handy to protect from overspray.

Rolls of plastic

Premier 9′ x 12′ 1-MIL Plastic Drop Cloth

Necessary to protect adjacent structures and vehicles.

For short term only

Sherwin Williams Professional Quality Masking Tape, 60 yards
For making straight lines – glue sticks in 3 hours (green tape for longer).

Paint Sprayer Tips

As expplained in the posts on sprayers, all sprayers come with a tip. The Graco come with a basic latex paint tip, the RAC 4. (RAC=Reverse-a-Clean.) It’s reversible for blowing out clogs that do happen even if you strain brand new paint.  more details about tips are at the bottom of this post.

The beauty of these tips is that they install with no tools. Thank you Graco.

Main Latex Tip

Graco RAC IV, 515

The main latex tip we all use. .015 inch opening, fan of 10-12 inches.

Main Stain Tip

Graco FFLP310 RAC X

FFLP means Fine Finish Low Pressure, as for stain; 6-8 inch fan, .010 inch opening.

For very fine, narrow work

RAC X 211 SwitchTip

For spraying thin material onto narrow surfaces; 4-6 inch fan, .011 inch opening.

Tip guard for most


Graco Tip Guard for RAC4, RAC5, AND RAC5 LineLazer tips

This comes on Graco sprayers and does not wear out: you should only need a backup if you break this: and that is difficult.

Wand and tip guard

Graco Wand: Tip Extension with RAC IV Tip Guard, 30-Inch

I would never spray a room or house without this: this doubles your speed. I like the longest one, but you can choose from 3 sizes on the product page.

Tip guard for some


Graco RAC X 7/8-Inch HandTite Tip Guard

For all Graco sprayers and tips except older models.

Sprayers Products

Here are the accessories products for your paint sprayer job. Everything here is selected by a painter pro: reasonably priced, high-quality products.