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How to Really Save Time with a Paint Sprayer

Time is money to a professional painter. We clean well when we must, but often we don’t need to go all the way. Homeowners get frustrated by cleaning. Here’s a tip.

When using any wet paint tools we really try to save time when switching paints. Below is for sprayers in particular.


You are spraying walls and ceilings (or even exteriors) with any type of sprayer applying white latex primer. Your paint color will also be latex and white on the ceiling and latex and maybe off-white on the walls.

When done priming, do you need to clean the sprayer/roller? No way José.

  • First, suck up some water to push the primer back in the bucket (we remove the spray gun or flip the tip backward to keep down the mess)
  • When you see water, put your siphon in your ceiling paint and push out the water
  • Rock and roll

When done the ceiling, and you have another white, do the same thing.

If you have a color, yes you need to run some water around inside the pump. But you’ll do 2 coats and by the time you get a little into the first coat, you won’t see any old white.

Time saver galore and does not affect quality at all.

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2 thoughts on “How to Really Save Time with a Paint Sprayer”

  1. Hi! Thank you for your expertise.
    Question for you: I am a homeowner and trying to get beefy window trim to match existing trim in the house. Window trim originally was clear stained American cherry. It received primer and trim paint 3 years ago, 2021. Color was too white and didn’t match trim in the rest of the room and house. Trying again in 2024. The first recent attempt had undertones that are too peachy. Got a better sample match and my 2 coat “test blocks” (roller-applied to spare piece of primed board) look great. Got a “Color Reader EZ” gadget to have confirmation of color (not just my eye). The L-a-b formula matches well between samples read in the room and on the test block. Hooray. The professional painter did a coat yesterday (sprayer application) of the better match and the color does not match the test block which used paint from the same can! The Color Reader EZ gadget confirms this. I’ve performed multiple tests with the gadget all over the house, have learned the averages for different sample areas and applications. Everything indicates that the latest color match OUT OF THE CAN is really good. Everything also indicates that yesterday’s first coat SPRAY application is NOT the same color as what is in the can (spray application shifts L-a-b formula to yellower; ex. “b” value is averaging 11.4 from the can but is averaging 12.7 from the sprayer). Any thoughts on what could be going on? Thank you so much!

    • Well maybe the painter did not clean his hose well and you have his old paint on your trim… I’d brush some and spray some and test color. then try a different sprayer.
      Something is going on in the sprayer clearly. Let me know when you know?


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