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21 Tool Gifts That Are Totally Cool

We picked only the tool brands we know and trust and only the best tool gifts with high customer ratings.

We have used and we vouch for all of these recommended tool gifts:

  • No thin plastic that breaks in a year: just quality tool gifts
  • All these great presents have free shipping
  • We try to find tools gifts made in the USA or Canada whenever possible
  • They all have very high customer satisfaction ratings all around the internet
  • I’m a tool freak and these are my personal favorite tool gifts
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If you are looking for a tool gift that has never been given before, there is a different list of very modern and inventive tool gifts—ideas for the type of homeowner who already has everything ever invented.

Great Tool - Magnetic Wristband
Yes, that’s a pipe wrench. Magnetic Wristband is a great tool helper.

Great idea: Magnetic Wristband with Strong Magnets: My 3rd hand. Magnets can hold small hammers, plyers, and probably even your beer!

The one you see on my wrist is an older generation, but still going strong. Save gift receipt: you have a full year to return it. The photo here is my old model, but the new one linked below is better.

Great for when your spouse can’t help: just too busy shopping online.

Click here see the latest model from RAK.

Digital Stud Finder / Wire Finder: A Personal favorite: Jokes about stud finders write themselves: My old boss used to put it on his belt buckle (or chest etc), and make it beep and say: “Yep, this works.” Not really funny guys.

But seriously, you’re a great crowd.

  • Sees density changes so well it shows edges of studs: that’s very new
  • LCD shows stud and beeps to indicate at the center point: just a great upgrade to this invention
  • Through drywall up to 1-inch: unheard of
  • Sees live AC wires
  • 2-year warranty with 45 days money-back

These really do work and every pro has one: from plumbers to painters.

Look at it here to learn more and buy.

Coolest tool - laser leveler
Coolest tool – laser leveler

Laser Leveler: I got an early model laser leveler as a gift, and I originally thought “how stupid”, but it turns out to be one of the most useful gadgets I use around the house. When you hand art on the wall, you can get them even very easily.

The new type has a plumb line laser as well and can even do angles. Watch it work on YouTube.

Tops the list of cool tool gifts.

Look and buy here.

My favorite gift to give: Auto-Leveling Laser / Stud Finder

This makes a perfectly level line with a laser on the wall: that is for hanging photos/art at the same level.

It’s also a stud-finder: it finds wood, metal, studs and live A/C wires behind sheetrock. This was given to me as a gift and I shrugged. But now I use it several times every year: it’s really a great invention at a very surprising price.

Digital Vernier Caliper with LCD Screen: Not just cool looking on your peg-board. I use my grandfather’s caliper to get accurate measurements all the time. This one is steel and has a digital read-out. Grandpa could never have imagined digital! One thousand good reviews cannot be wrong about this newfangled digital style. Hmm. Kids today. Click here to go to the tool.

Universal socket tool

Cool tool Organizers, Big and Small: For small necessary things and one for hand tools (the 5-gallon bucket shown is not included). I cannot work without both of these. The bucket-hand tool organizer is here.

Equally helpful is this is a DeWalt case that works within a system of snap-together racking toolboxes that all can be mounted on the hand truck to complete the system. I’ve looked all over for something like this but there is no other competitor.

Clear lid: great idea. And the price is not crazy. Nice job DeWalt. Find it here, and see the racking system in the related products.


Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler: Template Tool & Angle Finder: I bought an angle finder last year: my porch needed support that would be both at an odd angle and askew. This newer version comes with a hardshell case. So this is the one to get. Be sure to buy metal: plastic won’t cut the mustard. Enjoy.

Look and buy here.

Waxed Canvas Tool Apron: Top of my cool tool wish list for all who read this:

As Marlon Brando said, “A man without a canvas tool apron can never really be a man”. A great gift for a carpenter or handyman or handywoman. Look and buy here.

I dropped a hint that I wanted this for a gift. Presto:

Brad (the painter) fixing a door. Love my apron. Thanks family!

The very best Digital Soldering Station: For anyone who has to re-wire anything, this soldering iron gets very hot, unlike the weaker models.

Hakko is a respected maker of electronic supplies making soldering irons since 1958, and all made in the USA. Some sellers do sell knock-offs, so I verified via Hakko Customer Service that this seller is legit. This goes with the next item if you want a tool gift supreme.


Helping Hands Third Hand. So useful and handy. The clips rotate and the arms have a magnetic base so you can move them around. It’s also great for holding assembly manuals open while you refer to it. Look and buy here.

Dremel Rotary Tool: Great little tool and a fun gift to give. Fun to work with too.

There are many, many other attachments that you can get for this tool for all kinds of specialty applications.

I highly recommend adding the flex shaft attachment on the same page. This is the tool for small, tight spots and the flex tool is just amazing.

One of my favorite gifts to give, and to lend to friends.

Work Lights: We used to use halogen work lights: very bright, but very hot. On a cold day, it is nice to be in the heat of halogen light (until you bump it and get burned, knock the thing over and break the expensive bulb).

These days, we use the more durable LED work lights. I love this light, one of the best tool presents I ever got. You might prefer one with a rechargeable battery.

Both types are on the same page, the corded model or the rechargeable (Li) battery-powered version.

The cordless is less bright but can be charged with a USB or car charger as well: a very well thought out gift.

The battery version has a red/blue strobe for emergencies and different light levels.

Find gold, Jerry! Gold!

Garrett Metal Detector: the best maker in metal detectors since 1964. 

Garrett sees deeper than other brands and does not use the slower Bluetooth to achieve the wireless system. The Z-Lynk system used here is much faster so you can scan faster, even in highly mineralized soil/water such as salt beaches.

The wireless headphones get a beep when the detector finds gold, brass, etc, and the subtle signals (faint targets) are boosted. Batteries included.

The complete set is on this page, but depending on your budget for a gift, you’ll be able to start on this page and just navigate to the one or ones that you want. The handheld (orange) Pinpointer detector is for underwater if needed, but can be used anywhere. The problem with this is that you have to be on your knees and bent over to scan the surface.

You can also rent this equipment from time to time, which helps to offset the cost. Thank you, free ads.

Two cordless guns for two budgets.

Plus I have a post dedicated to only screw guns, corded and not, and all the important accessories.

New in 2020: The supreme cordless drill.

Hitachi (now called Metabo) has a new cordless drill system with a brushless motor and compact head. The larger ½-inch chuck will take any shank in any toolbox.

The LTX-3 comes with two 18 volt lithium-ion batteries give all the power anyone really needs. Operates in 3 speeds and has automatic overheating protection. Only 11 lbs, it has a high torque setting for fast drilling.

I love the belt hook: finally, someone is thinking over in Germany. We’re glad the Japanese sold Hitachi back to its birthplace. By the way, the name Metabo comes from ‘metal boring’, the name for the original German drills.

An unheard of 3-year warranty on the battery packs: wow. They have an extremely long runtime and service life and an indicator of battery charge status. So cool.

Simply the best cordless drill on the market.

Low budget? Get a great tool for the money (mine is really old and I use it all the time) – Look and buy here. Black and Decker really put great power in such a little tool.

I needed one quickly on a job so I popped into Home Depot and it was low-cost. I still have it after almost a decade of at least weekly use. Hard use.

What a nice surprise it was.

Update: I have had this now for over 10 years. Still going strong.

Compact Circular Saw: You need power for this kind of tool so the off-brands don’t cut it. WORX saw is big enough to cut a 2×4 without flipping it.

This is the best of the 4.5 inch saws out there today. Has a 3-year warranty. Nice.

These come in SO handy. What a great idea somebody had to make these portable.

Safety Tool gifts show that you really care. Us older workers no longer take chances with our health and safety as we did in our youth.
The next few items in our best tool gifts list protect your hands, eyes, ears, and lungs.

Ironclad General Utility Work Gloves: Almost perfect reviews. Ironclad strikes a balance between cost and longevity.

As a painting glove, I cut off the first digit of each finger/thumb. I keep them wat to act as a painting rag as well. Machine washable. Six sizes including XS for women and children.

Padded palm and rubbery knuckle covering. About half leather, only where you need it. Hands-down the best value in a work glove. The palms are reinforced only where they tend to wear the most, which allows more freedom of movement.

Sizing: large fits me snugly and I’m 6’1″. However, I prefer X-Large for comfort and quick removal by shaking.

Look and buy work gloves shown: but there are also many variations to choose from.


Drink pure water, live longer.

These days, we cannot be certain what comes into our tap water. Reverse osmosis is the – and – only way to remove every amount of toxin possible. Engineered for a flow rate twice as fast as other RO systems, and very easy filter changes (no tools necessary).

Home Master TMHP is the best of the ten under-sink models that Home Master makes. They offer luxury or standard packages with fair pricing. Surprisingly, from lowest to highest capability, the prices don’t vary so much.

We chose this one because it provides mineral water on tap: key for replacing the minerals we chose when drinking any filtered water. You should know that other filters that just remove minerals cause the weakening of the bones because the bones give up the minerals to the other parts of the body…So I am told. Here is the 16 page findings on this.

The TMHP-L is the ‘loaded’ version for 25% more cost you get a salt rejection membrane, fridge connection, and brushed nickel faucet.

Filters last a year or almost 4,000 gallons.

Nice to have extra filers from the start.

Made in the USA.
The unit has a 5-year warranty.

Hearing Protection Ear Muffs: Very important when you work with electric saws etc.

hearing protection. This 3M product is real quality and not that expensive. Tell your friend’s ears what my doctor told me: if you want to be able to hear when you are older, protect your ears now.

Rating on this item: 3000 x 5 stars. Wow.

Ear muffs with screw gun - cool tools for dad
Earmuffs with screw gun? Clearly just for sales, but both are cool tools for dad

Face Shield: I bought this one when I got my chainsaw, but now I prefer it to protect my eyes every time I use any high powered saw or spray paint.



Respirator: The mask and filters come separately, but that is a good thing. With my 3M you see here, I can add a paper filter (HEPA) over the chemical filter to make the more expensive lower one last longer. You will also be able to just just the paper or just the chemical filters.

The 6200 is the medium size mask and is shown (and linked here). But you can also get small or large for any other head size on that same page.

If this is new to you, buy the filter kit which has the clip to hold on the outer filter, etc. It’s a very good starting system for most toxic chemicals.

Then see my full post on respirator masks and the variety of filters that work with it.

This is a gift of love and not expensive.

Honda Noise-free Portable Power Station: Allows AC power anywhere from a lithium battery, and totally noise-free.  Works with high power tools (less than 200 watt only), and totally safe for computers (generates pure sine wave).

Working time would be about 8 hours if you ran a 30 watt device continuously. 

Great for (quiet) camping or for black-outs. Pricey, but what a great gift.

Recharges from home AC, by solar panel matched to the unit. That’s freedom. The solar attachment must be bought separately.

Work Table and Sawhorse with Quick Clamps: Folds up to be only 5 inches thick for both storage and transport and holds up to 300 lbs. The clamps on rails are especially helpful for holding objects for painting, sawing.

It’s sturdy but that comes at the trade-off of weight: it’s 30 lbs, so sort of heavy. But I see this as a good thing.

This is basically the upgraded Workmate that came out in the early 70’s: much improved. Thanks, WORX.

Work table with tools

Multi-Use Ladder:  This one is a very good brand name, Little Giant, and it’s an extension ladder as well as a very stable stepladder in several configurations.

Holds 300 lbs. I have always bought the 300 lb. rating even though I weigh 2/3 of that for the extra stability.

Just have a look at the photos on the product page: really great.

I recommended many different ladders in my post just on ladders.

Multi-use ladder showing one configuration
Multi-Use ladder showing one configuration

Reciprocating Saw: The best tool invention in the last 50 years. With a metal blade, it’s a hack saw sent from heaven. Why didn’t I think of that?

You can call any recipro saw a “Sawzall”… but that is a trademark of Milwaukee, just f.y.i.

These are still made in the USA, as are about half of all Milwaukee tools.

This is the only type of saw that works in some situations. Do you remember that thing that is like a metal plate with one jagged edge… You know, you rub it against metal and it cuts! Without electricity! Amazing.

This replaces that…and with metal blades, it’s a hacksaw too.

Comes with a roomy case which is nice for extension cords, etc.

Grab one here.

Always appropriate tool gift…The Big Dog:

This is the most often given tool gift on the internet: if the recipient has one or two already, don’t worry. More is better.

This comes with two guns, and a battery with huge power.

A lifetime set. Enjoy. Look and buy here.

What they don’t tell you is about the cool accessories and gizmos that go with a screw gun. In my post just on the vast world of the screw gun, you’ll see lots of stuff and I added my own tip-holder invention: patent pending. Not.


Finally, if your gift is for someone who does a lot of painting etc around the house, they would really appreciate some of the quality tools on our main list.


Cool hand tools
Cool old-fashioned hand tools

Here is my way to extend the life of a work glove… and below that let’s look at one last tool, sort of.

Not speaking of chainsaws, I always wanted to be a lumberjack. Leaping from tree to tree…the smell of fresh-cut timber…Just like my dear Papa. Beautiful plumage.


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