New Tools for the Handy-Person Who Has Everything, or Not Enough of Anything.

new tools in a storeThese new tools and new tool gift ideas are my pet collection: everytime a see a cool new tool, I put it here. These are our favorite top tools for the handy-person who has everything, or not enough of anything.

I bet you didn’t even know it existed. Neither did I. Enjoy.

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Craftsman Man-Cave Funny Accessories

BBQ tools (about $40)

Glasses/Coasters (about $40)

Bottle opener #1 *(under $15)

Bottle opener #2 (about $13) 


Ring Doorbell

Not strictly speaking a tool, but very handy. We just installed ours. If someone approaches or rings your doorbell and you are on the beach in Tahiti, they people will not know you are not home while you chat with them! What a great invention. Only about $100. You can add a $30/yr plan for the video cloud storage service. Bad guys know this too.

Auto-Leveling Laser / Stud Finder

Detects wood, metal, studs and live A/C wires. This was given to me as a house-warming gift. I thought, “Meh”… But it is a great invention. About $60.

King of all new tools: Thermal Imaging Camera

Find leaks with the infrared camera. This inspection camera is like a temperature gun but better: it shows great detail, and it finds water leaks, electrical hot spots, and insulation gaps letting in cold (or hot) air. Compact size works as good as the big ones. Cost is about $500

Digital Level: beeps when level !

You had me at beeps.

The laser makes it infinitely long and it recalls the last 9 angles you measured. Much higher accuracy than bubbles. Tripod screw mount. Backlit LCD display. Comes in 3 lengths, but the small is the best deal. About $50.

We also love this laser tape measure. Oh baby. Under $50!

(If you have an iPhone, you can also get ‘the app for that’. 
Maybe you prefer Android: not to worry – they have it too!

Bio-Shield Ultraviolet-C Lamp Fixture

Watch a video showing the ways to install it into your air recirculation system. While this germicidal lamp fixture for the HVAC system will not replace a hay fever prescription or kill mold where it grows, it does kill micro-organisms before they can be distributed across the air supply in the house. You’ll spend about $120.

Scepter SmartControl Fuel Cans

Prevents fuel spills either in transport or while pouring. Depending on size, from about $20 to about $60.

 Sun Joe 1500 PSI Pressure Washer

These get better every year. They can be used to clean driveways, cars, outdoor furniture, and not to mention that we have shown how we prep to paint with them: 95% of the work is done with water! 1500 is plenty for me, but you can get electrics up to 3000psi.

Not loud and messy like gas-powered washers. Be sure to get the rotating nozzle of course. We explained why in this post about deck painting. This unit is quality worth a lot more than about $90.

Channellock’s extra wide wrench

Reversible jaw. Cool new tool idea. About $25.

Magnetic Tool Belt

The reason I use these rather than a technician’s belt is that it’s easy to put big tools like screw guns in and get them out quickly. The new part? Magnetic exterior to hold metal thingys. Great.
About $35.

Clamping Power Strip

Smart idea in new tools: Clamp your power strip where you need it. Duh. I should have invented this. Pivoting rubberized grips grab on to just about anything. By Stanley—it’s quality. About $26.

All-Terrain Vise: fits on your trailer hitch!

Whoever thought of this should win the Nobel Prize for top tools. I want it—Now. About $170.

Tracksaw: table saw perfection anywhere

A very cool new tool, but makes an awesome gift. We like lots of power, so we don’t generally go for cordless anymore as there is usually a long cord handy, so we love this track-saw. A great brand name in Dewalt (company website) but still less expensive than other good ones. About $440, but worth it. You need the track sold separately.


Work light you can’t knock over

Wobbles, but won’t fall down. 85Watt. Cool Fluorescent. 27″ high. Great new tool. (About $135)… or go old school here).

Pick-up truck toolbox: fits over truck tire hump

What a great new tool idea: use the dead space. Getting great reviews: be sure to get the right one for your vehicle. About $200.

Headband flashlight: great new work tool

Sold as a flashlight for power outages, but I use mine to put the light where I need it: like a third hand. About $40.

Spray Insulation Dispensing Gun

Great Stuff (company website) spray gets hard fast. Without this, you have to use an entire can at once, but we want a can always ready for a splash. About $60.

Moving Back Saver Straps

So many people get a permanent injury when lifting. This lowers the center of gravity: still you lift with your legs, remember? About $40, but worth it.

Furniture Slides Moving System

When I first saw this I freaked! Why did I not invent this? So easy and safe. Watch a quick video of how they work. Cool. About $50, but well-made.

Tie-down straps too!

Don’t get the ratchet kind; they break and rust. These kick butt for about $25.

Fire Safety Tools:

  • Ladder

Hopefully not the best gift you will ever give. A home can be replaced: we should all have these under the bed. Has an amazing rating. About $50.


Add a Carbon Monoxide detector: you should have one. About $32 each.


  • Automatic fire suppression

Once I forgot my beans on the stovetop. Wish I had this. I raced home. Black, but not flaming. Wshoo. Every stove hood should have it: it detects fires. Under $50. Read more.

Nice to have several small ones and a big boy as well.

Jump Starter and Compressor

Get the 1000 Peak Amp as it gives a lot of juice in some bad situations. Air pump for all kinds of things at home as well. About $70.

Compressor only (portable): awesome rating, about $35.

New Type of Clamp

Make a clamp of any length with just a 2×4. Stanley quality. They sure come up with great new tools. Under $20.



Tool Bag, Durable Folding Stool

As the bluesman say, “Lordy I wish I was in heaven sittin’ down”. Ah. About $30.


One Gun: Every possible angle

Great screw-gun: Only need moderate power? 12 volts is all the power most of us need. But it’s the attachments that make this one special. Great idea. About $170. Video review shows it well. 

Cordless Drill

Very helpful to have more power. But we have found Black and Decker to be the cream of the companies. Get real power (20 volts) for about $50

Or get a household version (3.6v) for about $30—worth every penny.

Corded Drill

When you need to really work hard, a cordless screwdriver does not make the grade. This one has a level: very helpful. The opening on most drills is 3/8 inch which is fine for most uses, but some larger bits have a 1/2 inch diameter so you need another tool. We like this one. Under $130

PS…Give the titanium drills (about $15) that we mentioned we mentioned in our post all about drills and screw-guns.

Perfect Extension Cord

Lighted, 3 slots, 50-feet, indoor-outdoor—it makes a great gift. Me want. About $22.

Magnetizer for screwdrivers and bits

Like having a 3rd hand, or helper. A very cool tool gadget: it de-magnetizes too since sometimes you don’t want the effect. Great reviews. Only about $8 makes it a great add-on gift. Under $10.

Complete homeowners tool box

Not technically a new tools idea, but it’ll never get old. Buy quality as low-cost tools tend to chip and snap just before you start swearing! This Stanley has an amazing rating, and under $40… a must-have.

Drones: Not just for fun

These are very helpful for looking at gutters, roofs and spying on the neighborhood! This one has almost 5,000 excellent ratings: very tough. Only about $40.


For one that takes great photos, spend a good bit more.33 tools before these

Super-stable ShopVac

There are less expensive wet/dry shop vacumes, but we like the stability of the offset wheels (does not tip over easily like most) and we love the brand: DeWalt has never let us down. A little more than $100.

Strong garage shelves

Not really new, but essential. I assembled these in no time. Almost $200 but worth it.

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