The Best Screw Gun (and Cool Accessories)

Man working with a quality screw gun
Don’t know if he/she already has a screw gun? It doesn’t matter they will be very happy to have more than 1! Here are all the best screw gun with accessories you did not know about.
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I’ve gone through a screw gun or 2 (or 20) since my first one back in the 80’s, I call myself an expert. So here are the best screw guns and the best drywall screw gun. For the best AC Corded Electric Drill is at the bottom.

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Small Budget Best Screw Gun Winner:

The BLACK & DECKER LI4000 3.6-Volt I bought this on a day of need as my other one died, and it was cheap and quick but wow, was I pleasantly surprised, it is a good quality screw gun for the price.. It charges fully after years of hard use and it has not seemed to lose any power. I love my little orange drill.

About $30 – Look and buy here

Medium Budget Best Screw Gun:

The DEWALT DCF813S2 12-Volt comes with two batteries included: his company knows what it is doing. You can buy 2nd battery and charger to increase your tool gift awesomeness! A high-quality drywall screw gun too.

About $130Look and buy here



Big Budget Highest Quality Screw Gun:

The PORTER-CABLE PCCK618L2 20-Voltt. In our view, the best gift on the internet, a very high-quality screw gun. Two guns, huge power. A lifetime set. Enjoy.

Less than $200 – Look and buy here


Where’s my drill, man?


Must-have accessories:

The icing on the cake of your best screw gun.

Screw Bits. Duh.

Quality screw gun bits don’t chip and turn into powder.

This set has 7000 great reviews–wow. About $10.

This one has 4x the variety: nice.  About $50.

Hex Drill Set

Don’t go cheap with drill bits.

Dewalt will stay sharp. About $14: worth it.

Magnetic Bit Tip Holder

I have been through quite a number of these and they all have pros & cons.

This Makita seems to be the winnerAbout $7.

Universal socket toolUniversal Socket: doubles as guitar drill-winder head! This socket adapter fits tightly around any size screw-head, hook, or thumb


screw up to 3/4 inch.  RAK won’t break. Less than $10 


37 Hole Hex Bit Organizer:

This relates to my own invention, just below!

This is a nice and low-cost add-on. About $11


My best invention: glue your tip holder to your gun! We hate stopping to find the right tip… and for you dedicated readers, I made a video of how to do this: include the idea with your gift!

The type of glue is key. I like construction adhesive in a caulk gun tube: the best and cheapest glue you can get (but it is not flexible when dry!) You need the mini-holster and a wipe clean with rubbing alcohol. It will NOT come off.

You need a small one like this. If you buy one with a few rows, it sticks out too much, and in working you only need several bits, not many.

Sometimes you need a 2nd screwdriver

This Chapman set comes with a screwdriver handle and lots of options.

Check out the lever arm you can add to the shaft. About $100.


The head of a screw, when sunk to flush with the wood, provides great strength as well as a clean look.

A must have for shelves etc.  About $30.

Spade (a.k.a. Spoon) Drill Bits

These can be sharpened but I won’t go into that here. To make this gift better, add on the larger size bits not in the set. Why? You need a 1.5-inch spade to make holes for some electrical plugs for example.

The main 6-piece set is about $11.

The extra-wide bit is about $5.

Flex-Angle Tip Holder

I took a chance on the more expensive one: I’m so happy with it. I used it several times per month just around the house and show it off to my buddies.

The best screw gun accessory I own, very high quality.

Look and buy here About $30

Socket Drivers

It’s great to drive sockets with power. Select the longer shaft for a really nice addition to a screw gun gift.

These drive fittings come in two most common sizes:

1/4 inch, About $15 and

1/2 inch Also about $15

Non-Hex Drill Bit Converter

I did not know this existed until last Christmas. Way to go Daddio!

Lets you use round drill bits in your hex screw gun. Less than $15.

Stubby Ratcheting Screwdriver.
Sizer matters.

Bigger is not always better. About $7.

Cordless Drill Holster

Real cool. Very useful. Under $25

Mixing paint and mud just got easier

Has a hanger for when not in use: attaches to any gun and saves your arms (sepecially when keeping your drywall mud mixed). Very handy tool. Only about $10.

Smart-Bit Depth Limiting Drill Bit

Overcomes our arch enemy: sinking the screw too deep. Use this and your screw gun becomes the best drywall screw gun!

Great invention. About $25.

Drill Stand for Hand Drills

Drill press you keep in your drawer: saved me mucho dinero.

Works with most models. About $30

Real Drill Winner: Dewalt DWD220.


In our tool gift post, we feature the Dewalt DWD220 over the DWD210G because 210G does not have a clutch (this adjustable inner gear slips to prevent the drill or screw from binding, breaking, or going too deep). Certainly a very good drywall screw gun.

This is the highest quality screw gun on the market and not as expensive as I predicted. A lifetime tool. We chose this because it excels in every category:

  • Brand
  • Chuck size
  • Clutch or no clutch
  • Speed
  • Reversibility
  • Ergonomics (2nd handle or not)

This Dewalt leaves the others in the dust. Less than $200. Really the best screw gun today.

screw gun


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