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Airless Paint Sprayer: Buy or Rent?

Time is money and for the homeowner, time not painting is time doing useful things.

I have a long post on the best airless sprayers today.

Below, I show the logic of when to rent, when to buy an airless paint sprayer.

My everything sprayers page (types, tips, accessories, etc) is all in one place.

Cost Comparison: Renting vs Owning an Airless Paint Sprayer

Renting: At what point does it save to PURCHASE a commercial sprayer?

Do the math: Home Depot and most paint stores will rent you an airless paint sprayer for about 90 – 100 dollars per day or about 500 per week, before tax, if you have no cleaning charge.

And the Answer Is

If you rent it for 2 days, that’s like buying the Graco Magnum X7, (the most popular homeowner machine, along with the Magnum X5).

The X7:

So if you spray for a living you could rent 9 times, that’s like buying the awesome Graco 390 ProConnect.

How many times will you use it? That’s the key.

Other fees?

Every rental shop is different, and the most forgiving will not hassle you if it’s not clear water coming out, but some do. (See Home Depot’s rental rate.)

Either way, you have to clean the machine when you are done, or you could pay another 100 for the cleaning fee. We’ve probably all had that discussion on whether or not the water coming out of the hose is clear or not.

Then figure the taxes and delivery if you don’t pick it up.

My Conclusion

If you are going to be regularly painting more than a couple of interior rooms, or an exterior larger than a 1000-2000 ft²…

it’s worth it. The resale cost is shown here in this category on ebay.

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3 thoughts on “Airless Paint Sprayer: Buy or Rent?”

  1. Thanks for the hot tips Brad!!

    Thinking about the project and what we have on hand, here is the solution we came up with…

    We have a generator and can put it on a trailer to use with the big electric sprayer we have for other uses.

    Happy painting, Beth

  2. Hey, I wonder if you have recommendations for the best equipment to paint a long fence that has no access to electricity.

    Thanks for your work on this,



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