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Accessories for Airless Sprayers

Accessories for all kinds of spraying, not just airless. These are things we painters use everyday.

Sprayer accessories I have been using for years. These cut your time and labor. The full accessory page is here.

First, sprayer accessories for all types of spraying

Overspray Shield



The other kinds have a metal sheet that you have to clean constantly. This is just a cardboard holder.

Screws into any paint pole or broom stick.

Really helpful.

3M Hand Masker

An essential for masking. This great invention joins masking tape and a roll of paper (or plastic).hundreds less.

The only alternative is to put up tape on what you want to protect, and then carefully stick paper or plastic under the tape.

Airless Wand Extension

For the DIY or Commercial Airless sprayers, not the handheld airless.

This lets you move really quickly along your work piece.

Once you use it, you’ll never spray without it.

Key tool: a spray paint shield holder. I like this handle that holds a large piece of cardboard. Change the cardboard often. We used to have the other kind that’s a metal sheet style that would become dripping with paint. This new cardboard holder is way better.

For fun: Want to see into the future of robots spraying paint? Amazing.

Always strain even brand new paint: all paint sits on shelves for at least months before shipping. I’ve seen “new” paint with lumps. I now strain all paint.

I use large strainer bags for big spray jobs, but the cones are handy for very small jobs.

But the bag type fits into a 5-gallon bucket and is very easy to clean (for latex work) and last for many uses. Just don’t let them dry out before cleaning. The bag you see here has a very cool hole for an airless sprayer siphon: it goes under the lumps. Someone is thinking. Nice invention. Still only 50 cents each. What a deal. Generally, I just pour the paint through the bag and pull the bag out, and soak it.

For smaller spray jobs, I use cone strainers for small spray jobs and some brush/roll jobs. I usually don’t clean these cone filters. The funnel shape makes straining quick.

This universal spray gun cleaning kit has every kind of brush and tool for any sprayer. It has everything but a universal wrench.

Limit Overspray: A small spray shelter is really useful for keeping dust off your project and for keeping overspray limited. It folds into a hoop like those expensive camping tents. They make much larger spray tents too.

Create a dust booth: Use these telescoping poles to hold up plastic. This keeps the spray or dust in your instant spray booth.

The best invention is the telescoping poles that hold plastic sheets in place. Great for sanding and other messy projects too.

Masking quickly is really key. I use this 3M hand masker. The kit comes with tape and plastic, but you can also use any type and size of tape and wide or narrow paper rolls. : 12″ paper and painter’s plastic. I mostly use these paper rolls. For large windows, get some extra plastic rolls. check links

Remember that the tan tape is meant for just a few hours before the glue sticks. Painters tape (like this 6-pack) can stay on for days and not leave glue behind.

See my video showing how to use the masker.

This is just a plastic sleeve to keep paint off your hose. There is no real need for this, but you will find that paint caked up on your hose tends to crack off and make a mess. It’s a nice thing for 10 clams.

Hang cabinet doors: 2 styles of hooks. This hook clips into the hinge hole for a standard cabinet door hinge so you can hang and spray. The other style uses a wood screw to fix it in a spot, so it does leave a small hole. See this sales video. If you don’t want to spend money on this, just put a very small screw and rig up some string and a clothesline in the basement: easy.

Drying time again: These small pyramids are perfect for resting wet pieces on to dry.

Respirator: For low VOC paints, I just use a P95 or HEPA (P100) filter, but for organic vapors, I use a chemical cartridge. This is the mask I use but I recommend any 3M mask and filter combo that works for you. I’m 6’1″ and use the large, model 6300, the medium is for most folks model 6200 and small (small women and children) model 6100. Very reasonably priced and really lasts. Wear the chemical filters when cleaning with bleach as well.

Careful with VOC ratings. I breathed that crap starting in the 70s. Low VOC paints are all the rage, but a “zero VOC paint” when tinted becomes low or moderate VOCs. Read all about this topic in my two posts: one all about the respirator masks including the mask and filters that I use, and another post on the full face masks which are really great for spray work. CHECK ALL LINKS I GUESSED AT ALL

For DIY and Commercial Airless Sprayers

Wave your magic wand. Money magic that is. You will go twice as fast with an extension wand. My favorite is the 30-inch but having the 10″ handy is a good idea (and about the same cost). The threading on the end will accept all of Graco’s Guard and Tip families.

If you buy single gallons of paint (not 5-gallon buckets) you’ll appreciate having extra 5-gal buckets with lids to support your spraying. The best price I could find is fairly low, but these last forever if you clean them. Mostly we get them with paint and clean them all for future use. Don’t put hot coals into them. Yes, it did.

Roll the walls with your airless: Graco makes the power roller attachment is a no brainer for any DIY or commercial airless sprayer. The accessory pays a pro for itself in a couple of jobs so if you are a DIYer, you understand how great it is. If you could take out the time you spend dipping your roller for more paint out of your day of rolling, you would go twice as fast. Since you have a sprayer you can do that with the power roller attachment. It’s a no-brainer if you have a lot to do. If you are just doing a room or three, go with the bucket and screen etc you see on the basic tools page.  On the home page are links to the tools I use.

The other roller system uses a standard roller and sprays the paint onto it. I have never used it but many painters do. It’s a pricey unit but for a pro will it pay for itself.

For long storage, we use Graco’s Pump Armor. It is reusable, but it’s best not used more than 2 or 3 times. Fine for HVLP and handheld airless guns too. It’s only for long-term storage and my Graco rep told me for HVLP guns it’s fine, but not necessary in the HVLP hose and pump. Follow the HVLP guide for storage.

Whip it good: This is not at all necessary, but this short hose ‘whip’ reduces the fatigue of pulling the gun around all day: you put it between the gun and the normal hose. It really works and is under 25 clams.

Thanks for reading. Any comments or questions? I’ll be hanging around the comment section below.

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