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Meticulous, conscientious & reliable

“A Home Stager and Redesigner, one of my number one suggestions to clients is to repaint their living spaces. Most do not have the time nor the inclination to do the job on their own and so ask me to refer a painter. Brad is always at the top of my mind. He has never let me or my clients down. He is meticulous, conscientious, reliable, extremely careful, prompt, friendly and courteous. He always leaves a space as he found it-everything back in place-nothing askew. In the staging world jobs come up last minute and have to be done ‘yesterday’ so to speak. Brad has been wonderful in this regard. He has squeezed in my clients when I have called him last minute even if this means he has to help us out after already having worked a full day. Because of his work ethic and ability I will continue to recommend Brad to future clients.”

Dorothy O.