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A.I. Gives Bad DIY Advice

Here is proof that much of what you read on the big DIY sites (you know who you are) is nothing but AI garbage words strung together. There is also the slightly better case of “writers” who never touched a paintbrush selling you on something.

Two types of online advice you CANNOT TRUST.

Case #1: Bad A.I.

Proof: I used the newest AI creation site to write the so-called painting advice post below. There’s no understanding, just grabs words from various websites and spews them at you. Here it is:

Painting a wall with DIY supplies is fun and easy. There are many different ways to mix up the paint, and it’s best to follow instructions carefully. This article covers surface preparation, painting methods, working with cleaning products, spray cans and brushes.

It only gets worse. I chose the ‘professional style AI’:

First, select a wall color that complements the rest of your decor. Choose a color that will make your room appear larger and more appealing, while still being warm and inviting. Next, seal the surface to prevent staining with a primer that can be later covered by paint. Next apply one coat of paint, allowing it to dry completely before applying another coat. Finish by wiping off any excess paint with a damp cloth or sponge. Finally, allow three coats of varnish or lacquer for an added layer of protection and shine.

I need a shower. agrees with me.

Case #2: Know-nothing ‘writers’

I get ‘cold call’ emails in my inbox every single day from young writers asking me if they can write for me. Who are they? Just college-grads wet behind the ears who know nothing about painting.

They are also, no doubt, trying to write for plumbers, clothing sales sites, and auto parts. They know only how to make things up and poach from knowledgeable pros like me. My arch-enemies!

Proof? I cannot copy and paste what they write or they will sue me! And I dare not name any of them, Bob. You should have a look around for other painting advice and you’ll spot the over-simplified style of these know-nothings.

Ah. I feel better now somehow.

Here are some photos of what an AI painter really is ( created by AI engine: Dalle II ) !!


Now, have a fun time google searching painting advice. See what you get? What is the world of painting advice coming to?

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