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Best Body Paint: Top 4 Choices, All USA Made

Our 4 top choices of the best body paint for adults and children. List goes from most to least expensive. All are safe, clean up easily and last reasonably long.

 We looked at all of the most respected body paints on the market today and narrowed it to four.

All are USA-made and therefore meet FDA rules.

They are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and relatively easy to remove.

We list them from most expensive to least.

“She died of skin suffocation,” 007 tells M. “No she didn’t”, said Brad the Painter.


You can’t Die Mr. Bond …from the best body paints, even GOLD. The Smithsonian Magazine agrees.

Quick Basics

For all the body paint products on this page:

  • All water-based and easy to remove
  • None require respirator: no fumes on this page
  • FDA compliant so no ingredients of concern
  • Need no special removers (water, some soap)
  • Apply with sponge or brush
KEY RULE: always test in spots, just like any painting anywhere, this goes for even the best body paints (#1 and #2 on list).
Test. In. Spots.

Safety First: Thank you FDA

In the US, there are tough FDA rules for all body paint. They must be non-toxic, non-allergenic, and easy to remove. The downside is they may need more touch up than the more toxic types described just below. more susceptible to sweat. lighter colors may not give the greatest coverage, or crack when applied thickly.


All the paints here are water-based so they will start to dissolve in sweat. So? Avoid the direct sun and exercise, and you should be ok.

True sweat-proof paints are of course the best body paint but they are oil-based. If you want oil-based, have a look at ProAiir Hybrid. Can last 3 days! Expensive! Remove with baby oil or makeup remover.

Here are the best in order of quality (and cost).

1. Graftobian ProPaint Kit

Expensive, but the quality is really awesome.

“High pigment load”, means very good coverage so you don’t need much paint.

Each color is 1 oz: very generous, but you do pay for it.

  • Free of paraben, gluten, and fragrance
  • Nice storage case
  • Glycerin-based so smooth for easy blending
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Long-lasting
  • Very nice medium sheen
  • Almost vegan (the only non-vegan ingredient is the red carmine)

You get a large amount of the very best body paint we could find. It’s worth it if you really want control.

Here is the Safety Data Sheet

Smell: faint if any; maybe coconut/walnut

2. Paradise by Mehron

Top pick for the non-pro. Best value and best reputation on this page.

Five different palettes of 8 colors each at a competitive price. We read reviews from professional makeup artists and this bodypaint always comes up. You get 1/4 oz. per color.

These are a bit more expensive up front, but less expensive in the end.

By using high-quality ingredients it gives you a high pigment load, so you use less paint.

These are also easy to mix together…since they’re water-activated.

  • Actually moisturizes skin
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Dries down to a matte finish
  • Is more long-lasting than others we looked at

They claim it is “sweat-proof”, but, you know, it’s water-based. Just sayin’.

The main ingredients are a blend of aloe and chamomile, glycerin, avocado oil, cocoa butter. Very nice.

Here is the Safety Data Sheet

Smell: slight chalky paint smell

3. Midnight Glo Black Light Body Paint

Wow factor here. It’s an amazing look under black lighting (a good deal on bulbs here,) but it’s still great even in normal lighting.

  • Very bright even in normal lighting
  • Creamy texture
  • Dries quickly
  • Long-lasting
  • Sweatproof
  • A bit harder to apply than the above choices

Often used as an accent with other body paint.

Still trying to find the SDS from the maker

Smell: faintly coconut

4. Red Ruby

Marketed toward children: it’s not expensive, but it’s not a lot of paint. Probably best for a one-time party for one or two kids.

They make two types, Classic colors, and the softer Pastel Palette. We did not look at the pastel.

  • Easy to apply body paint
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Can be blended
  • Vegan, hypoallergenic,
  • Free of gluten, paraben, nut, and fragrance
  • Does not spread as well as higher-priced body paints above

Also, you may need rubbing alcohol to remove it, or just lots of warm water and soap. That’s a good thing as children bump each other.

Here is the Safety Data Sheet

Smell: like any face cream, somewhat fruity, like kid stuff


With all of these, it’s water. But to be a bit quicker, you can use dishwashing liquid. Just apply a bit of soap to the body paint, let it sit for a short time, then wipe it off with a damp rag.

 If water is too slow as it can be with these best body paints, use baby oil or coconut oil in the shower, followed by some soap. Any slight staining fades quickly in a short time as you wash normally.

Ways to apply the best body paints

You can apply water-based body paints with

  1. a paintbrush
  2. a synthetic sponge
  3. a natural sea sponge
  4. an airbrush

Here is the best value in makeup brushes. Amazing price.

Even the best water-based body paints need touch-ups.

Beautiful Artwork with the Best Body Paints

French artist Yves Klein (1928 – 1962), who is today regarded as one of the key pioneers of Performance art.

Yves Klein, Performance art
Yves Klein 1928 – 1962 today regarded as key pioneer of Performance art

The first modern appearance of the full body paint emerged in 1933 when famous cosmetic inventor Max Factor Sr. caused confusion and disturbance with their exhibition of naked model Sally Rand at the World’s Fair in Chicago.

Sally Rand on 1933 Worlds Fair
Sally Rand on 1933 Worlds Fair

Ah, the Bruce Willis years:

Body Paint on Demi Moore Vanity Fair cover nude
Body Paint on Demi Moore Vanity Fair cover nude

They used black makeup mixed with some pigment highlights on Charlize.

Charlize Theron in Mad Max Furiosa
Charlize Theron in Mad Max Furiosa

Thanks for reading. Any comments? Add them below. I see them daily.

Watch a time-lapse body paint professional artist here.

Lady leopard using the very best body paints

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