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Disposing of Old Paint

Don’t obey the laws because you might get caught: obey them because it’s wrong to poison your own body.

A. Latex Paint Disposal

Option 1:

Just search for one of the many recycling locations where you can drop off your leftover paint for free. Some of these recycling locations also offer free leftover paint to anyone and some strain and mix into boring colors. Nice.

Paint can be toxic and dangerous, please follow the paint-disposal procedures in your area.

Option 2:

Harden it. For latex paints, just pour in this product and wait. Then put the solid in your regular trash. (Check local laws, but this is usually permitted).

Option 3:

More expensive than #2: Mix cat litter into the latex paint. The wait time for drying is much longer than option 2 above.

I’d take that lump of goo and pour it out on old cardboard (with that on top of plastic) and it would dry faster.

B. Oil-Based (and solvent-based)Paint Disposal

Solvent- and oil-based paints are hazardous waste and must be disposed of according to your local laws. Usually, you need to find a recycle center for paints. Sorry ’bout that.

Read about first aid for paint

Read about the danger of paint fumes

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