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My Painting Philosophy by Brad the Painter

What’s important for painting?

Remember when Tom Cruise wrote that memo in Jerry Maguire?

He saw it all that night and got the girl in the end (but he had her at hello).

Now show me the money:

5 Points of Painting Philosophy

  1. Buy the most expensive paint you can afford. The ‘low-end’ paints just take your money again and again and you have to scrape, re-apply far too often. They lose color quickly and cannot be scrubbed. The best paints save time and money and LOOK BETTER. No brainer.
  2. Prep is far more important than paint. Even the best paints on the market won’t stick if you have dirty, greasy, moist (and so on) surfaces. Get good prep tools and keep them for life.
  3. Crappy tools cost time and quality. And costs more money because you throw them away, buy more to throw away. Are there not enough plastics in the world? I list all my tools on this site and THEY DO NOT COST MORE. They save you money, cut your work time, look better, and reduce any frustration that dollar-store crap induces.
  4. Take pride in the work you do, even if it’s not fun. Go slow. Smell the roses. And the ammonia.
  5. Study up before you start and call OLD (not young) pros for advice. Be honest and say you want to do most or all of it yourself and “can you tell me if it’s possible or do I need a pro?” If it’s not work done on a ladder, you can do it. Leave the high stuff to us pros.

Almost forgot: NO ADS or POP-UPS on websites! So there!

Here are my tools for sale at the same prices I pay. Worth every cent because they LAST and make the work go faster and better.

And now, the Philosopher’s Drinking Song. Thanks Eric.

Live version.

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