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Best Mask for COVID-19 – Comfortable and Leak-Proof

This is the N95 mask I use with complete confidence. Thirty years of wearing respirators, I have no patience for bad, leaky masks.

I don’t work for Canheal, in fact never heard of them until I got lucky one day on Amazon.

My mask is better than anything I’ve seen. How to make it? Watch the video below to see how I do it.

Well worth a mere 15 bucks and free shipping!

Read about why you need a good mask.

For children and small women, try the Medium size, for most men, go large:

Canheal Dust Mask

If out of stock, try these links:

They are

  • lightweight
  • tight fit
  • 2 sizes
  • easy to clean

Here are the things that I mentioned in the video:

  • Activated carbon filters that come with are just for dust
  • Must cover exhaust valve
  • Must keep clean and dry, like any mask
  • Replace regularaly as with any dirty mask filter

My full respirator post is here: this does not protect others, but it protects you against almost anything!

How to install a typical N95 hospital-type mask:

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