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When To Skim Coat a Wall?

Basically whenever a wall or room has just too much damage to try and patch and repair: just skim coat it. It’s easy.

If you do it, here is how to apply a skim coat to walls or ceilings for that matter.

You need a skim coat if:

  • Your wall is such a mess it’s too much to patch
  • If you removed wallpaper, your dog ate some, etc.
  • If you want to match some texturing after a patch was put in. There are spray cans of mud that you can use that really work. But first you need to skim over the patch/wall.
  • If you have new drywall, and you want perfection, as for a movie projector painted screen. This provides a uniform surface for a movie screen paint.

Normally the 4×8 boards are just taped and the joint compound is applied over then sanded. That’s fine for us commoners.

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Rolling on skim coat on a wall
Rolling on skim coat: after this you use your wide knife and presto!

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