Best Interior Paint and One Awesome Timesaving Tip

The best interior paint may be more expensive at checkout, but it’s actually cheaper in the long run. Why? Because the color holds longer, (so you don’t need to repaint as often), applies more evenly, each coat is much thicker, and it cleans up easier than cheap paints.  Don’t believe commercials.
Best Interior Paint Components
Best Interior Paint Components

Safety warning: some people would reasonably think that exterior paint is better than interior and use it inside: Big mistake. Interior paints do not have the toxins in exterior paints and believe me, you don’t want to be breathing that stuff as it cures for months, all day long.

What Makes The Best Interior Paint?

What makes some paints worth the money and others not? One word answer: Solids. If you want the best interior paint for your money, and if you are a cheapskate like me, lean towards MORE expensive, higher quality paints. It sounds illogical, but it’s not, Spock. Buy quality paint like Regal Select Waterborne Interior Paint from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams products.  They actually cost less in the long run because they cover a bigger area. You can even find them on Amazon.

List of 5 essentials of the best interior paint:

  • Quality binders and resins to keep the pigments in place
  • Pigments for opacity and color
  • Extender for bonding
  • Zero or low toxic ingredients
  • Ideal consistency: thicker than cheap paint, so it does not spit

In conclusion, the best interior paint will:

  • Cover much bigger area
  • Be much easier to paint with for non-professional
  • Lead to better results: you will hardly see brushstrokes (although you still need to use a good brush)

Secret Painting Tips: Eliminate (almost) the brushing:

No need for much brushing.  The corners, yes a little and of course around the light switches and wall outlets etc, but not the long sections where walls meet.  See the video below where I demonstrate how to ROLL FIRST to almost eliminate the brushing.

It’s best to use a long nap roller cover: we like 3/4 inch (or more), in a wool/poly blend.  That is 35 years of experience though: maybe go with the 1/2 inch if you are not sure. (We always use a Wooster roller: the poly gives longevity and the wool holds a lot of paint so you go farther on a single dip). The Wooster poly-wool blend is only 9 bucks or 30 for 6. This will last a homeowner a lifetime. Learn what we consider our best tools here.

The chemistry of the best interior paint:

looking at the chemistry of the best interior paint
Looking at the chemistry of the best interior paint

I’ve written elsewhere about primers, but here we will just focus on some simple logic and some very chemistry for what makes the best interior paint. The bottom line is money.  Can you say ‘ka-ching’?

Let’s say you need a garden tool. Let’s say it’s a wheelbarrow. You can buy a plastic one made in China that is surprisingly cheap and will not take a beating (and will shatter in the winter cold) or you can buy a more expensive metal one built to last.

How long do you expect the cheap-o to last?  How many cheap ones do you have to buy to equal the life of your quality metal one?

Of course, paint is different, but there are other factors: paint can be messy and cheap paints do not have expensive binders and resins like the better paints.  Have you ever tried to paint a ceiling with cheap paint?  Better keep your mouth shut! It did not cover the old paint? Go back, Jack, do it again.

interiror-paintOn the other hand, Benjamin Moore Ceiling Paint may cost $10 more per gallon, but it does not spit (if you are not rushing) and covers MUCH better.  In fact, one coat after primer or older white paint is fine. You’ll only get this with the more expensive paints and you will be frustrated with the cheaper paints.

To know more about interior paint:

If you want to know more than you will ever need to know, try some articles about the chemistry of paint and here. But to keep this short, I will say that if you want to save money and not have headaches (and not have toxins in your lungs and house), buy quality Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams products.  They are the best interior paint. They actually cost less in the long run.

Learn how to go faster while painting:

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