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Filters for the IQAir Health Pro Series

Here are filters (including some 3rd party budget filters) for the IQAir Pro Plus and Compact.

These filters last a long time so the actual expense is not really that much.

Full review of the IQAir and others on my post on the best air purifiers.

Don’t forget this is the best air filter you can buy.

Some 3rd-party budget filters for the HealthPro series are at the bottom.

Don’t worry: the filters come marked for proper direction, so you can’t put them in wrong.

Tip: create a pen and paper chart to record the replacement date! Big help.

They are inexpensive (relatively): They last.

How long? Set at speed number four, for 3 hours per day, the PreMax Pre-Filter (the one at the bottom where the air goes in) will last 3.5 years, and the HyperHepa Filter will last 9.8 years. These times will vary if you use the unit more frequently or if you use it at different speeds.

No phone app, but small remote works for me.

Here are some 3rd party filters I have not tried, but they are designed to be ‘identical’ to IQAir’s filters. Let me know if they suck or not?

The PureIllusion 3-filter bundle (amazing price)

The PureIllusion HEPA filter (replaces HyperHEPA)

The PureIllusion Pre-filter (replaces PreMax)

The PureIllusion V5 Cell (duh)

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