Best Basement Floor Paint & Painting Floor in 5 steps

Basement painted floor

Let’s knock this puppy O-U-T. Here we will make short work of what you need to do when working with high-quality basement floor paint (and this goes for painting garage floors as well). We will list the best basement floor paints we recommend – with those, only one coat is needed.

Best Interior Paint and One Awesome Timesaving Tip

room painted with best interior paint

The best interior will make your work A LOT easier, because the color holds longer, applies more evenly, each coat is much thicker, and it cleans up easier. We will show you a secret painting tip to go very fast. Let’s see first which paint is the best.  Don’t believe commercials.

Painting Plaster Walls in 5 Easy Steps

Old Plaster Walls Ready for Painting

Painting plaster walls is not at all difficult.  If your house is old, it will have plaster, sometimes called ‘horsehair plaster’ on the walls. The old workers used the tail hair from horses to mix in with the plaster to give it strength.

Paint and Primer in One: The Best and When to Use It

rolling paint primer on wood

Be very careful and consider the results you will get if you use a paint and primer in one step.  I have seen a lot of ads pushing this idea of one-coat painting, but that just plays to people’s idea that painting is a drag and one coat would be quick and easy. It is not messy and it is not hard to clean up.

The Best Way to Clean Paint Brush

paint brushes that needs cleaning

Lazy? Soak baby.  The best way to clean a paint brush start simply by soaking it. We find a bath tub if there is no utility sink and we routinely put off cleaning for the night and let the brush soak in the bucket.  The next day it is so easy to clean as over night the floating brush and roller lets the paint falls to the bottom of the bucket.

How to Paint a Wall? Big Tip: Skip the Tape, You Will Thank Me!

Painting a Wall

How to Paint a Wall? Let me count the ways. Ok, here is the short version: you will see all over the internet all these people telling you how to use tape, and how to clean the walls, brush first, etc etc. Well, they clearly read the manual written by someone who read a manual, but in practice, you just jump in. It’s just not brain surgery.

For Canadian Painters Only

My time living and working in Canada has always been great.  One problem for a painter though: painters in the US mostly use a 5-gallon bucket, a screen, and a 9-inch roller frame/cage.  Why is that?  It’s fast man.   Nobody ever stepped in a big bucket! Well, not as far as you know.