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How to Get Spray Paint Off Skin (with Home Remedy)

Whether it is wet or dry, we show how to get spray paint off skin. You probably already have what you need in the house, but there are some basic staples you might grab while you’re here.

Act fast with what you have around the house. See the home remedy: with things you should have in your home we’ll see how to get spray paint off skin and more.

Urgent Care? Grab some paint thinner: I like the odorless stuff or even cooking oil/motor oil/gasoline and rub. Then wash skin with soap and very hot water until squeaky clean.

Home Remedies from the internet: 

  • They don’t work. I tried the ones with Borax, sodas, etc. Homemade paint remover vinegar? Fail.
  • Almost all spray paint is oil-based.
  • Remember you science teacher: LIKE—DISSOLVES—LIKE
  • First thing to try is any oil, then wash with hot soap and water

How to get spray paint off skin:

Try these in order: let the solution soak and keep wet. Remove paint when it becomes soft:

For next time, you might keep GOJO hand cleaner with pumice in the garage (just 5 bucks): and there is the old-fashioned GOJO too (wash with soap after removing the paint/oil).

Not working at all? Do this test: grab some rubbing alcohol. Many spray hand sanitizers have it. The kind you drink will not work. Rub some on the paint. Is it turning gooey? See this test done on our video at the bottom.

It’s latex. Read the post on removing latex. Remember, you are the lucky ones.

Still not working? Well, I’d be very surprised. We painters have had lots of paint just wear off. Not the end of the world.

Those old paint strippers you used to use have been banned. Read about the new law by the EPA.

Let me know in the comments if you have a serious problem.


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Painting over the mess? You have to sand and prime. Read about choosing the right primer.

paint cleanup on fingers
I spray painted my fingers to test what will remove it


spray painted fingers testing paint removers
The fingers point at the paint remover used on my skin


Finally done? Wash over and over with lots of soap to get any chemicals off your skin (if you used paint removing solvents).

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  1. The best way to remove paint from skin is…cold cream. Good old Ponds cold cream. I have seen my husband paint all kinds of things, and he always gets paint on his skin. I saw him once with a pot scrubber. I told him to slather on the Ponds, rub it around for a minute and it came right off. Removes all kinds of paint! ?


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