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Paint Spills: Act Fast

Act fast: keep it wet. 2 minute read

Act fast but be safe:

Latex paint spill

You must act while it’s still wet, and it’s likely that latex can be removed from almost any surface.

  • Do not let the edges start to dry (permanent damage)
  • Spray, sprinkle, etc with water, and even cover the spill with plastic or cloth and wet the cloth
  • Scoop up as much paint as possible
  • If you have a wet/dry vac, suck up all you can
  • Use a rag to mop what’s left

Even on parts that have started to dry, soak them and slowly pick away: it WILL all come off.

A pressure washer is key for big outdoor paint spills on concrete or brick etc.

Dried parts of a paint spill will stain clothes, carpet. You can use Goof Off on most dried paints to remove paint spills.

paint spill


Oil-based paint

Same as above but use paint thinner, or even gasoline or lighter fluid.

If you don’t have these solvents, keep the spill, especially the edges from drying, and go get some paint thinner.

Pressure washer caution

Be sure to get a pressure washer with a rotating tip (works with the Sun Joe linked above) so as not to damage the surface you are cleaning: some jets of water can ruin some surfaces.

Your paint spill cannot be as bad as this one:


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