Full Face Respirator: N95, P95 and P100 (HEPA)

A full face respirator mask is the best you can buy without an oxygen tank: it protects your eyes, nose, and mouth. Here is a recent list of available virus-proof paint respirators and chemical masks.

For both virus and workshop protection, the very best mask to have is the full face respirator. These are also important to use when cleaning mold. Even if you don’t have a paper filter, every ‘organic cartridge’ on this page is 100% effective for blocking the Coronavirus, 2019-nCoV.

UPDATE: I have created a video of how to make a HEPA mask, not from just cloth but from EASILY OBTAINABLE, QUALITY HEPA FILTERS

Video: How to Make HEPA Facemask Without Getting Gouged.

Links for the things I mention:

HEPA vacuum cleaner bag (each bag should yield at least 2-3 masks)


Kill airborne and surface bacteria and viruses by burning sage leaves.

Here are the bundles I bought. I burn them in my car when out picking up food etc.

Read about burning sage: “Sage is an herb that is antimicrobial, and therefore, has the potential to improve our air quality tremendously. Such a reduction in bacteria in the air can aid against getting ill. Its antimicrobial properties work against viruses, bacteria, and fungi.”


As of today, there is only one or two masks available. Go here to see the main paint respirator page.

News: Amazon has banned the sale of N95 masks.

N.Y. Times on virus price gouging: terrible. Amazon sellers who have amassed stockpiles of hand sanitizer and crucial respirator masks that many hospitals are now rationing.

I am updating this post frequently until the supply line stabilizes.

The best thing about a full face mask respirator is the tight fit to your skin. Unlike the paper masks that allow air in around the sides, the Honeywell full face respirator (seen here) are air-tight.

Updated: There are many people wanting these, so I will keep updating this list of all the best full face respirator masks still available.

Amazon products often do not come up in searches, but I won’t give up. If you see outrageous prices, let me know int he comments and I’ll find another.

Every face mask respirator (chemical mask ) below is excellent for both the Coronavirus (Covid 19). Painting: it’s ok for most paint fumes.*

Three of the full face respirators still available:

Size? Don’t worry too much. In doubt get medium for adults and small for children and small people. I am 6’1″ and a large also fits me. My wife uses a small, but the small feels fine on me too and does not leak, but I prefer the large.

P100 which means 99.9% of particles: better than a doctor’s N95 or a painter’s P95. Worth every penny.

1. Full Face Respirator: Honeywell

North by Honeywell, Series 7600.

This is medium/large. It’s an excellent mask.

To either of these masks, add any Honeywell filter from this list:

2. The 5400 from Honeywell

The is excellent. Singles may be sold out, so buy what is there and sell or share with your friends. Talk about a great gift?

This is for the MASK ONLY: You would use any of the Honeywell filters above.

This full face mask respirator is a great facial mask.


3. The 3M 6900 respirator

Comes with the basic HEPA: removes 99.5 % of particles, very adequate protection.

Sold out for now.

I will be searching for replacement filter info. Please share with me if you find one?

You can always cover with other HEPA or P95 or N95 paper using a rubber band. That does work if done well.

UPDATED: More availability

Still available (good reviews, but I have not tested any of these):

  • Millennium PKG: a full face paint respirator mask
  • Very expensive, but great protection in a full facial mask
  • A cool respirator mask: retro war time


While the best respirator mask protects your eyes too, you can also be completely protected from breathing toxins by using the normal painting respirator mask which does not protect your eyes.

respirator mask
Lady wearing a respirator mask


Rating Letter Rating Number
N: not oil resistant 95: removes 95% of all particles
R: oil resistant 99: removes 99% of all particles
P: oil PROOF 100: removes 99.97% of all particles (HEPA)

* NOTE: If you are working with a particularly nasty paint or spray, you need to contact the maker.


Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or concerns.

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