Painting Tips by a Professional

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worker using paint sprayer on interior walls
Best Painting Tools

Best Paint Sprayer Airless & Project

No long reviews here: we cut to the chase. We found the best paint sprayer for walls in each price range worth your hard-earned money. Based on our experience and after extensive research on airless paint sprayers, here are the only quality interior paint sprayer we trust for the money.

Painting a Wall
Painting Tips Interior

How to Paint a Wall? Big Tip: Skip the Tape, You Will Thank Me!

How to Paint a Wall? Let me count the ways. Ok, here is the short version: you will see all over the internet all these people telling you how to use tape, and how to clean the walls, brush first, etc etc. Well, they clearly read the manual written by someone who read a manual, but in practice, you just jump in. It’s just not brain surgery.

Paint Walls or Trim First
Painting Tips Interior

Paint Walls or Trim First? 3 Amazing Tips

You paint the trim first, but not using a brush! Here are 3 steps and 1 awesome secret (some pros don’t even know) on how to make this quick and easy (video included).

paint brushes that needs cleaning
Paint Clean Up

The Best Way to Clean Paint Brush

Lazy? Soak baby.  The best way to clean a paint brush start simply by soaking it. We find a bath tub if there is no utility sink and we routinely put off cleaning for the night and let the brush soak in the bucket.  The next day it is so easy to clean as over night the floating brush and roller lets the paint falls to the bottom of the bucket.


Backpack Sprayer for Spraying Stain: Big Warning

This is no doubt the best way to get the stain onto the surface, but many stains will ruin a garden sprayer not built to take the chemical heat. As a pro, I use the same sprayers reviewed here (mine is very old!) The work goes quickly and comes out great. But it’s not just ‘spray and walk away’: there are some tricks.

Contrasting garage door paint color

Garage Door Paint & How To Make It Last

After it has been prepped and primed well, the house paint you are already using is perfectly proper to use as a garage door paint. But you can also add longer-lasting protection with some very good top brand paints. Garage doors get beat up, so we tell customers to use the best.


Garage Floor Paint (+What Other Websites Get Wrong)

If you have been searching for garage floor paint, you now see the bewildering array of styles or types of floor coatings (not all of them are truly called paints). We picked the best of each category.
Shopping you will see off-brand coatings showing beautiful photos with what they call the best garage floor paint. Really? Show me the floor in 10 years.

Painting Concrete Floor

Painting Concrete Floor? The Complete Guide

The biggest cause of painting concrete failure (not bonding, delamination, bubbling, etc.), is poor prep. We will explained how to paint concrete floors step by step. With links to the all-important concrete prep (testing, to etch or now, cleaning, rinsing, etc).


Concrete Paint – Our Top Picks and 5 Key Planning Points

What concrete paint to put on your floor depends on your comfort with the look and lifespan. Some customers of ours are very picky and want a perfect high-gloss epoxy and others just want a budget facelift. We also link you to every topic you need to consider: from cleaning to cleanup.

Concrete preparation- grinding before painting

How to Prepare Concrete for Painting or Staining

Here’s how to prep concrete for paint or for any type of coating. If your concrete slab has been sealed or not, it’s here. We looked around the ‘net and saw some “expert” DIY sites focussing on acid etching. Wow, sexy. But you need to think outside the sex.

Cleaning concrete

Concrete Cleaner – The Best 3

Don’t be put off by eco-friendly concrete cleaners: today they are equal to the stuff you knew from days gone by. These really work.

moisture test on concrete floor before painting

Concrete Testing: Moisture Tests & Alkalinity Test

Here are the main methods for concrete testing: several for moisture and one for alkalinity. If you have any doubt, do these tests before painting concrete. Most of these you can do yourself, but what you need a professional for is discussed as well.

Making white wood stain from oak boards
Painting Tips Interior

Painting Stained Trim: Modern Look Sells Homes Quicker

Painting stained trim and painting varnished wood trim is very do-able, but the sequence is a bit time-consuming. The one “must” is deglossing, and using a quality primer. Doing it yourself will likely save you many hundreds of clams.

Painting Tips Interior

Painting Trim (Wood Trim, MDF, etc.) with a Trick

Thinking of painting your trim with a brush? Sit down, my friend. Let me show you the way of the Force. We FLY when we’re painting wood trim, or when we’re painting trim of any kind.

Paint, Primer & Stain

How Many Coats of Paint in Every Situation

Good news: if you are not changing colors you’ll be fine with one coat of quality paint (look up your situation below). If you try to save money on watery paint, this rule will not apply. (The watery stuff will not get you where you want to be in two coats!) Quality applicators and paint are less expensive and less frustrating than you think and are easy to clean. Here we go.

Good Paint storage
Paint, Primer & Stain

How Long is Paint Good For?

Paint stored correctly will be good for decades. There are however a few problems that will determine how long is paint good for. Big safety issue!

Paint, Primer & Stain

Can You Use Exterior Paint Inside? Be Careful Here!

Please be careful—using exterior paints indoors is poison! We all want to re-use and recycle, (and save money). I was recently asked in an email, “Can you use exterior paint inside my bathroom?

Coats of Paint
Painting Questions

How Long to Wait Between Coats of Paint?

Please be careful here: there is a danger behind easy answers to the question of how long to wait between coats of paint. Generally, people want to get it over with I know, I know.