For Canadian Painters Only

My time living and working in Canada has always been great.  One problem for a painter though: painters in the US mostly use a 5-gallon bucket, a screen, and a 9-inch roller frame/cage.  Why is that?  It’s fast man.   Nobody ever stepped in a big bucket! Well, not as far as you know. Canadian … Read more

Painting Plaster Walls in 5 Easy Steps

Painting plaster walls is not at all difficult.  If your house is  old, it will have plaster, sometimes called ‘horsehair plaster’ on the walls.  The old workers used the tail hair from horses to mix in with the plaster to give it strength. Plaster Walls are worth saving and painting Plaster walls are harder than … Read more

Preparing Walls for Painting Efficiently

Worker preparing walls for painting

You are probably re-painting a wall. In this post, we’ll list the steps you will need:  preparing walls for painting from before you start up to the finished product. We will review all the potential problems you might encounter. For new dry-wall, read my post: how to How to Prepare Drywall for Painting. Preparing Walls for Painting: … Read more